8 Easy Tips for Improving the Security of Your Home


To many people, the idea of home security conjures up the lofty thoughts of high-end security systems. While that’s a good way to view home security, it just isn’t the only way.

Contrary to popular belief, most burglars are terrible opportunists. And they can be barred by an act as simple as keeping your windows securely shut and covered, so no one can see what’s inside your house. You might be surprised to know that regular crooks don’t even break in; they just take advantage of a door left unlocked. That’s why majority of them will always get in through the garage door, kitchen, back door or bedroom window.

What does that mean?

If you have a smart lock in place, which automatically locks behind you, then that sort of opportunistic entry isn’t ever going to be an option.

Majority of burglars tend to look for access when no one is home. Any inkling that the home is left unguarded will make them salivate for what might be in your house, so don’t ever give them that impression.

Instead, impress upon them that there are always people within the compound. This way you can be sure to never see any crooks come by. Here are some ideas on how to do that.

  • Keep foliage well-trimmed

Overgrown foliage could easily pass for just that: foliage. But for thieves, this is both a potential hideout and a message that you may not be around frequently.

This impression might prompt them to start monitoring your movement patterns and eventually know when you are not within the compound.

You don’t want that to happen. So keep those overgrown branches trimmed at all times.

With well-trimmed foliage thieves have less space to hide from sight and discourages them from making advances.

  • Have key operated door locks

Some homes skip the door locks for fear of locking themselves out. But you shouldn’t. That’s what locksmiths are for.

Any residential locksmith Sydney serviceCCTV installation Sydney professional or just any other Australian home security expert will advise you against leaving doors unlocked.

Two-cylinder deadlocks on all external hinged doors are a major deterrent to thieves.

To access your house, the crook would have to break the locks, and this may require a lot of time and effort which intruders don’t have.

Along with the deadlocks, be sure to have robust and solid external doors. Alternatively, you may add a security screen.

Installing a wide angle peephole on the front door is also a good idea. It will let you inspect the persons you let into your house.

  • Light timers and automatic tricks

There are apps that you can use to switch lights on and off even when you are away. These will give thieves the impression that someone is around at all times.

Install light timers that automatically switch lights on when it gets dark during times when you are not home.

Plan the light timers to mimic the same pattern you would usually follow to switch lights on and off.

If your street-facing lamps go on and off on a regular plan, burglars wouldn’t know if your home is ever left unoccupied.

These smart lighting equipment or home automation tools are much affordable and easy to install at home.

  • Apply reinforcement to windows

Windows may remain unlocked from time to time. As such, they tend to be obvious target points of entry for many intruders. A burglar can see an open window from across the street.

Ensure therefore that your windows especially those on the ground floor have a security grill, burglar bars or security screen on them.

  • Motion sensor lights

These are a perfect scare for thieves. Install them especially at the back of your apartment or house. Exterior motion sensor lights make it quite difficult for an impostor to avoid being spotted.

Their scaring behaviour is even more effective in deterring crooks from your property. When the lights suddenly turn on, the intruder’s immediate instinct would be to suspect that someone is watching. With that, they will beat it.

You may be impressed to know that infra-red motion sensor lights are easily available and more affordable.

  • Exterior lighting

Impostors use the dark to conceal themselves. Exterior lighting is, therefore, a great deterrent to them. Be sure to have them switched on and off in a regular pattern.

Keep the schedule even when you are not home to give the impression that the home is always occupied.

Keep the entryways brightly lit at night.

Control these by a light timer when you have to. This way intruders will not be able to tell when you are not at home.

  • Warning stickers

It’s a good security strategy to keep intruders scared of making advances at your property. Warning stickers are one such strategy.

Place highly visible warning stickers at the front doors and windows – indicating your membership to a neighbourhood watch, alarm system or presence of a security dog.

You should be able to get these from your local police station’s anti-crime adviser.

Interestingly, even a decal decoy is just sufficient. It naturally makes your home look hard to crack and will encourage potential intruders to move on.

If you don’t have any of this security equipment installed, you can perfectly deter thieves by simply putting up security system decals.

  • Burglar alarms and security cameras

CCTV cameras are no longer exclusive for the filthy rich folk. Most Australian homes today have burglar alarms installed to boost the security of their properties.

Clearly installed security cameras and alarms effectively scare away thieves for fear of being found by the police.

There is a broad range of alarm systems you can choose from today. Whichever you choose, ensure it has a visible signage and is properly set, installed and maintained.

Some of these are routed to various police stations or alarm control centres for immediate response in case the alarm goes off. Others also rely on neighbourhood response.

For the latter, you would need to cooperate with your neighbours to ensure they are willing and able to respond.

These are effective but easy ways to keep your home safe. Whether you use just one or all of them is a choice you make.

But one thing is certain: using a combination of these strategies will offer your home unparalleled security.

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