Choosing the Right Security System for Your Home

Statistics show that middle income homes report the most break-ins every year. Given this, you should never assume that you have nothing of interest to thieves.

Statistics show that middle income homes report the most break-ins every year. Given this, you should never assume that you have nothing of interest to thieves.

If something is of value to you, it’s also valuable to them.  That’s why thieves always look for opportunities to enter your home and rob you.

Thus, you should look for and install the right security system to safeguard your home.

And to help you find the most suitable for your home, here is a checklist that can guide you.



You can either choose to hire a professional or do the installation yourself.

The decision on this however, depends on the type of security system you purchased. Note that there are available Do-It-Yourself (DIY) systems that have an installation manual mailed together with the equipment, leaving you with no choice but to install it yourself.

But if this type is not the one you purchased, here are some points on having the security system professionally installed and points on having it installed all by yourself.

In hiring a professional, you only have to pay an installation fee to have no trouble in having the security system installed. Plus, the expert you hired can answer all your queries regarding the system.

Note that professionally installed security systems can be either hardwired or wireless. This means a system may require a landline. That’s why it is more suitable for people who would stay in their current residence for a long time.

In contrast, DIY systems are typically wireless, making it easy to install. These can also be moved easily, making it popular among renters, especially those who change addresses frequently.


How does the system communicate with its monitoring centre? It does so using a landline, broadband or cellular.


Regardless of the means, what’s important is that the system effectively communicates with your monitoring centre 24 hours a day, ready for any emergency situation.

Home Automation


Keep lights and electronics such as the radio on even if you are not at home. This will give the impression that someone is in the house all the time. To do this, however, you need to have some form of automation in your home.

Home automation is the ability to control various gadgets that are related to security in the home.

With this, you can control lights and even your electronic appliances such as the TV and radio, turning it on and off at will.


To get the best quality of service at the least cost, it’s advisable to have a covered security system locksmith help you out.

Locksmith Key


These experts know the market. Thus they can guide you in getting the best value for your money.


Depending on the quality of service you get from the vendor and the security features of the system, you will be able to determine which one is best for your home. Here are some that you may want to consider.

Home Alarm Systems

These are often easy to install and operate domestic alarm systems that can be designed to meet your security requirements without breaking the bank. This can cater to any size system you want and can be customised to your specific needs.

Home alarm systems incorporate any number of code pads, strobe light and sirens, detectors, reed switches and pendants.

Your home alarm system can be designed from the plans. Cables can be installed while your premises is under construction, thereby saving you time and money.

Back to Base Alarm Systems

The Back to Base Alarm System provides dependable alarm monitoring 24 hours a day, 365 day per year.

The system advises the back to base control room of all arming and disarming of the alarm, and incidents. These incidents are logged and you can have access to the generated reports.

If the alarm has not been activated by your designated specific time, the system alerts the control room so appropriate action can be taken. It can also be set up to provide automatic notification of entry during specific hours.

This alarm system will provide you the longest possible lifespan, giving the best return on your investment.

Bosch Solution 16Plus Alarm System Kit

The Bosch Solution 16Plus provides the perfect alarm system for multiple zoning areas. Comprising of 16 zones either wired or wireless, the system has capabilities for motion sensors, door and window contacts and smoke detectors.

It has an easy to read code pad and easy text menu and provides a multitude of features such as partitioning to different zoned areas, remote telephone arming and alarm memory recall to name a few.

Customers like this security system because it can easily be installed and is easy to use. Moreover, it offers top security from burglars and other threats such as fires.

CCTV Systems 

Closed Circuit Television systems are becoming increasingly recognised as the most effective way of protecting people and property on your premises. CCTV systems can be designed and installed to meet your specific needs and budget.


Gone are the days of searching through hours of tape to find an incident caught on CCTV. You can now search on exact time of event if known, or you can search any events in any given time so as to check for what you are looking for.

We can set up your system so as you can remotely access your system via an IP address over the internet. This can be a great advantage, especially utilising this feature in conjunction with your Back to Base Alarm System.

If you get a call from your monitoring centre to advise of an activity of your alarm you can check whether your property is secure before advising on an action, saving you unnecessary expense of sending patrols on false alarms.

Access Control Systems

An access control system is designed to allow access to authorised individuals in and out of your premises, while restricting visitors and the public from gaining access to specific areas of your home.

These systems can also be managed by software on a networked computer to add or remove users, and check on any movements with reports.

An access control system can be designed for almost any possible residential and commercial situation, from a single stand alone door to large systems with hundreds of doors with elevators, garage doors, boom gates etc integrated into the system.

For the best possible security setup, a combination of Access Control Systems with a restricted master key system plus a CCTV Camera System can be installed quickly and easily.


These security systems offer great protection against burglars and other intruders. These however form only a part of home security. To be fully secured, you have to be alert and vigilant all the time.

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