How Do Locksmiths Make Car Keys?


Have you ever lost or broken your car keys? Are you wondering how a locksmith makes car keys? If so, then this article was written for you. 

Losing or breaking your car keys can be quite a stressful and costly experience. The good news is a licensed locksmith can help reduce your stress levels by making a new set of keys for your vehicle.

professional locksmith can make keys for any brand and model of vehicle. That’s why you need to choose a reputable and experienced locksmith whenever you have been locked out of the car or lost your car keys.

Here is how a locksmith makes car keys.

  • Replacing the car keys by the VIN or vehicle identification number
  • Creating a new car key with scoping
  • Making car keys using decoding

Replacing the Car Key by the VIN or Vehicle Identification Number

Every vehicle sold in Australia has been assigned a unique VIN or vehicle identification number. The VIN uses a standardised format which consists of 17 characters.

The VIN is usually found on a metal plate that is visible through the lower corner of the windscreen.

If you lose your car keys, you need to make sure you call a professional locksmith who specialises in automotive and transponder keys.

The locksmith will want proof that you own the vehicle to replace the keys by the VIN or vehicle identification number.

Once you prove that you own the vehicle, the locksmith will provide the VIN and customer information to the relevant authorities in Australia and obtain a key code to cut a new key.

Once the new key is cut, the locksmith will have to use the necessary equipment to reprogram the onboard computer of the vehicle in order to ensure the new key is recognised by the vehicle.

Creating a New Car Key With Scoping

Even though the latest vehicles come with keyless ignition systems, the locking mechanism for car doors have been the same on most models for many years.

In case your car key has been accidentally locked inside the vehicle, a professional locksmith uses a method known as scoping to make a new key to open the car door.

This method can save the driver hundreds of dollars of having to make a new transponder key for his/her vehicle. A professional locksmith has a highly specialised scope that can be inserted into the lock.

The scope will examine the locking cylinders and cut a new key that matches the unique properties of the lock. This method is 100% non-destructive in nature.

That’s why it is considered one of the most effective methods used by professional locksmiths to cut a new car key for your vehicle.

Making Car Keys Using Decoding

Lock manufacturers usually include a factory key code that includes a series of characters. This code is used by professional locksmiths to make a new key for the specific lock.

This code includes a string of letters and numbers that may seem random at first glance. However, a professional locksmith uses this information to cut a new key for the vehicle.

That’s the importance of hiring a professional and experienced locksmith in Australia when you have lost your car keys or locked yourself out of the car.

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