How Not to Lose Your Keys


Let’s admit it. We all are in love with the modern smart keys and small remotes that are becoming a standard in latest cars.

Though some still stick to the traditional keys, no one can turn down the luxury of having the ability to unlock car doors and start an engine with a remote.

Lost keys

Plus, it will be really troubling to lose your keys, especially if, for instance,  your first morning appointment is only 20 minutes away. When this happens, your mind goes through unimaginable barriers, runs ahead of your body. Beads of sweat form on your forehead.

Your car key is nowhere!

car keys

What’s worse is that if you don’t find your key, you could shell out as much as $500 for a new pair depending on the car model.

What now?

It is better safe than sorry. To help you keep your keys safe, here are ten simple tips.

1. ) Keep your keys in one spot when you get home –  always

Easier said than done!

A good number of people drop their car keys anywhere when they get home.

The result? The next time you’re looking for it, you don’t have any idea where you exactly placed it.

It comes as no surprise that you’re always taking longer than anticipated to find your keys.

The good thing is that the hassle could be prevented by a simple step — put your car keys in the exact same (not approximate) place. Choose whatever you like, whether a glass bowl on the table or a key box mounted on the wall.

Just make sure the place is easily accessible. Consider places like;

  • Near the front door
  • On a table in the hallway
  • On a shelf, together with your emails

key mount

Alternatively, you can put hooks on a piece of wood and mount it on the wall to use as your storage centre.

By doing this, you will reduce the possibility of losing your keys. No need to rummage the whole house looking for a pair of keys.

2.) Be conscious as to where you put your keys

If you have keys attached to your body (i.e. in your pocket) you should be mindful of any shift in the weight you’re carrying.

If you ever drop your keys, you’ll notice it immediately and can readily retrace your steps.

3.) Attach the key to your wallet or tiny purse immediately after use

Another way you can keep your keys close is by attaching it to your wallet or small purse.

keys in wallet

Most people don’t easily misplace their wallets or purses, thus, you will not lose your keys easily.

4.) Make your key conspicuous

If you often forget where you place your keys, it is advisable to make them eye-catching.



Attach a noticeable key chain. Pick your favourite keychain in terms of colour, the material used, the complexity of design and size to make sure it fits your pocket or purse. This way, you can identify it at a glance.

5.) Clip your keys to your trouser

If you have a habit of misplacing your keys, why not have it clipped on your pants around your waist.

Use any clip or buy a key holder that a clipper that will enable you to attach it to your trouser loop. If you don’t wear pants, don’t worry, there’s a way out still.

6.) Hang your keys on your neck using a lanyard

For those who just can’t carry keys around without losing them, consider hanging them around your neck all the time with a lanyard.

key lanyards

Lanyards come in all colours and designs for those who are in love with intricate designs. If you are a simple guy or lady, you will find one that fits you.

7.) Tag Your Keys

There are several tiny GPS-powered gadgets that you can attach to small items like keys and wallets.

Should you misplace your key, you can track it using the provider’s app in real time. Below are ways you can tag your key.

8.) Remote control key finder

The gadget comes with a control unit with four buttons and four key-rings (where each pair matches in colour). You will just attach each key ring to the item you want while ensuring batteries are well placed in both the remote control and the key ring.

In case you misplace your keys, just press a button that matches in colour the key ring on the item. When you do this, the ring will beep loudly so you can track your key.

This is an ideal way to keep your keys if you often lose them. However, be careful not to misplace your remote control!

9.) Online Identification code

Try tracking services which allow you to register items with universal lost-and-found services.

These services will let you tag your auto-keys with an identification code that if typed online by the person who picks your item can help you locate them.

10.) Have a backup pair

Save a lot of money and avoid unnecessary hassle down the line should you lose your car keys or should they just stop working.

You don’t want to spend a day without your car key.

At Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms, we believe that forewarned is forearmed and therefore will gladly help you have a backup pair of keys.


We use specialised equipment to craft you several copies that work with the ignition at a fair deal.

The best part?

In case you lose your car key, we’ll come to you with our equipment and create a new key on the spot.

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