Does Every Locksmith Provide The Same Type Of Locksmith Service?


The mention of a locksmith conjures up images of a technician working on locks in a home. While this imagery is somewhat accurate, that is not all locksmiths do.

In fact, there is a lot more than locksmiths do, so much so that many of their services are offered by specialised locksmiths.

So to answer the question above; no, not every locksmith provides the same type of locksmith service.

For a better understanding, herein we will explore some of the different types of locksmith services that locksmiths provide.

It is important to note that while some locksmiths have honed their craft across a number of services, some locksmiths focus on providing just one type of service.

Residential Locksmith Services

There are locksmiths who focus exclusively on rendering residential locksmith services.

This means they work on locks and security systems installed in residential properties.

As a result, their skillset revolves around installing, maintaining, and repairing the residential door and window locks.

Moreover, the vast majority of residential locksmiths have also honed their residential security installation and maintenance skills.

Most modern-day home security locks operate as part of an integrated security system that includes surveillance alarm systems.

Therefore, installing locks can also involve the installation of high-security features.

Aside from the installation, repair, and maintenance of residential locks and integrated security systems, residential locksmiths also offer emergency security services.

Some of the emergency services include lock-out services and rekeying services.

As such, if you are in need of work done on your homes locks and security system, a residential locksmith is your best bet.

Commercial Locksmith Services

Commercial locksmiths, on the other hand, render locksmith services mainly. or exclusively to, commercial property owners and managers.

This is because they have honed and perfected the skills needed to deal in commercial locks and security systems.

For instance, they provide high-security lock installation, repair, and maintenance services.

Additionally, they also provide businesses with installation and maintenance services for their security surveillance technology.

This includes access control systems and security safes and cabinets.

And just like residential locksmiths, they also provide emergency services to businesses.

Automotive Locksmith Services

The third common type of locksmiths are the automotive locksmiths. Automotive locksmiths are specialised in automotive locks and automotive security.

As such, their forte is dealing with your car’s locks and security.

As such, should you need a car key replacement (for both transponder keys and laser cut keys), an automotive locksmith is your best bet.

They can also handle ignition lock repairs or replacements, car key duplication, and car alarm system installation, repair, or maintenance.

Aside from regular in-shop automotive locksmith services, they also provide remote emergency services.

For instance, if you are locked out your car or if your ignition lock suddenly stops working, automotive locksmiths who provide remote services will come to your location and help you.

Some locksmiths also offer 24/7 automotive emergency locksmith services within particular areas around Australia.

This helps their customers deal with automotive lock issues whenever the emergency arises.

However, there are even more specialised locksmith services such as forensic services. Such specialised services are offered in specific circumstances.

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