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The safest place in the world should be the place where you and your family are– be it your car, your home, or a public bus-stop. While it may be difficult to stay safe in a public, it should be easy to achieve at home.

Every person’s worst nightmare is to be awakened by a mysterious sound in the dead of night. If you hear someone trying to break into your home, odds are, it is not a koala.

Lock Picking

But what if, no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t get in. What if the robber trying to break into your car gets so frustrated that he takes off before getting what he wants? Or even better, what if the police gets there while he’s still trying to pick the car’s lock?

These are the thoughts that fuel our passion.

Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms is a family-run business in Sydney, with over forty years experience in keeping our friends, neighbours and businesses safe. We do this by constantly innovating locks and security systems.

We provide security solutions for your doors, windows, locks, ignitions, vents and garages. And we do this with love for the community. We build and buy local materials as well as hire and train local staff.

Residential Services

We aim to provide clients a good night’s sleep, especially those that have little children in the house. Hence, we recommend and install state-of-the-art security systems that not only meet all Australian standards, but include some extra features we put in ourselves.


Starting from the outside, we install security screens and security doors that can withstand burglars, pests, harsh weather and UV rays. Our security screens are made in Australia and use the toughest materials, and we make them look good too.

After all, your home should be safe without looking appalling. All our protective enhancements are stylish, in sync with your home’s design.

As an added measure, you can have deadlocks and window locks custom-made to your doors and windows. Door closers and other safety features can also be installed upon request.

Lost your keys? Your locksmith Sydney will be at your door within the hour. We would take your locks, get you new keys and re-install them all on the same day.

If your keys have been stolen or you just moved into a new place, we can have your locks changed within 24 hours. Our residential locksmith services can provide solutions to all circumstances you may encounter.

Plus we can give you one key that can open all your doors, perfect if you don’t want keys bulging in your pocket.


Automotive Services

With car theft on the rise in some parts of the country,  now is the best time to improve your car’s security.

The improvements, for sure, are worth it because our cars are among the most important things we own. We rely on it for work, visiting family and even spend a lot of time in it during road trips.

That is why we take great care in looking after our cars.  This is the reason you should avail of our services. We help you save money, by providing security features that help your insurance cover.

With us as your auto locksmith Sydney, you’re sure to get high-quality service and speedy assistance. If your car lock or ignition gets damaged, we will be with you in less than an hour to get it fixed.


You’ll also get the same prompt response if you get locked out of your car. You can have a seat in our mobile repair vehicle, while our mobile locksmith goes to work to get you back into your vehicle. Your time is money and we want to save you as much as possible.

Sure, you could get your car towed to a mechanic or your dealer, but we don’t want our clients to have further inconvenience and time wasted.

If you’ve been locked out because your keys were lost or stolen, we can make you a new key, or in the case of the latter, replace the lock entirely.

Is your transponder not working or stolen? Not a problem, we can replace it for you.

A transponder is a small chip in the head of a car key which sends a signal to the ignition to give it permission to turn the engine on. Transponders are mandatory in Australia for all cars made from 2000 onwards.

That’s why it’s important to fix your transponder. We can do that for you and get you an extra copy if you need one.


Master Key Systems

Commercial properties have unique security needs. Thus, even though everything that works on a home also works on an office, we highly recommend that you have a master key system for your business.

Master keys allow principal key holders to operate with as few keys as possible. These give you improve security and maximise efficiency. The keys work in specific areas of the building only.

Choose from our selection of Master Key and Restricted Key Systems. What’s best is that all kour security solutions will save you money in the long run, without compromising on security.


Locksmith Sydney Solutions

With a wide range of clients– individuals, corporations, schools, state and federal departments in Australia and New Zealand — Barrenjoey Locksmiths and Alarms has the experience, time and expertise to handle all your locksmith needs.

Locksmith Sydney

If you are unsure about the security measures in place in your home, business or vehicle, contact us for a free consultation. Let us know how we can help. Your security is our priority.

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