Restricted Key Access: What Is It And Why Do You Need It?


Security is an issue we all deal with. Whether it’s back at home or in the office, we always want to make sure that the access to our properties is secured.

But, 100% security is only a dream. In fact, even the most secured homes can be broken into. We’ve also seen in news some prominent business establishments report robberies.

What you can do, however, is minimising the chances of burglars getting through your doors. Burglars are human in any case. And they don’t want to be caught in the act. If they feel like they’re not going to break through the door, they will go away in search of easier targets.

With this in mind, assuming that you already have robust doors all around, you should consider finding the right key system to deter any intruders. One such key system is called restricted key access.

As the name suggests, restricted key access involves restricting access to certain keys. But not just that, it also means restricting duplication of that special key.

If you are a business owner who has multiple stores for different products and you don’t want some of your employees to access a certain store, try to keep the key to that store away from them and  make sure  they can’t duplicate the key without your authorisation.

That’s what restricted key access is all about. If an employee takes the key to a locksmith for duplication, the first thing they’ll be asked is a letter of authorisation.

But,  what if the locksmith doesn’t care authorisation letter? What if they are only bothered about the money involved?

The answer is simple – they’ll be taken to court and will be held liable for your losses. Restricted key systems are legally patented. This means that outsiders can’t tamper with them.

Restriction at Multiple Levels

For even increased security, there should be at least two different levels of key restriction that you must consider.

  • Level 1: Basic restricted key systems

This is where a dealer provides you with a patent protected set of keys and barrels to restrict access to your building and to discourage unauthorised duplication.


These specially patented keys are only available at approved agents who hold very high standards. You won’t find them at the local key cutting shop or hardware. Moreover, details about who is authorised to duplicate the key is usually recorded by the issuing locksmith.

The locksmith can’t cut any new copies of the key without your consent. So, you can rest assured that there aren’t any unauthorised copies of the key in circulation.

  • Level 2: Restricted master key systems

A master key system is a group of locks and keys constructed in such a way that authorised (master) keys are allowed past the lock whereas unauthorised keys can’t go past a certain number of locks.

For instance, the master key may be allowed to open all locks while the remaining keys are restricted to certain areas only.

In a restricted master key system, the availability and distribution of key blanks and barrels are restricted. The locksmith will enter into a legally binding contract with a promise to the owner never to duplicate any of the keys without permission from the owner.

In other words, the locksmith controls the system. All restricted keys are individually stamped with a system number, rank, and sequential generation allowing the owner to know exactly when a new duplication is made, who made the duplication, and what specific keys were duplicated.

Why Should I Pick Restricted Key Access System?

Restricted key access systems  come with several advantages over other key systems.

  • They are ultra secure locks

Restricted key systems are only designed by approved, highly reputable locksmiths with a wealth of experience in the industry. The other way of putting this is that the key systems are developed by the best guys.


This means you can expect nothing but the best. The locksmith will design a unique key system that you can count on and that cannot be copied by someone else.

By the way, these key systems have become very popular among business establishments and key government offices. Surely, the government wouldn’t invest in restricted key access if it wasn’t secure.

  • The “restriction” is real

Perhaps when you see the word “restricted” you’re still left wondering whether they really mean it. Well, that’s the case. No one else other than the approved locksmith can produce copies of a restricted key system.

This is helped by the fact that the key system is patented. So, it’s yours and yours alone. The locksmith cannot produce another copy of that design for his other clients. The moment they do so, your contract agreement is breached.

Even your closest allies cannot obtain a restricted key from a locksmith. They will be turned back.

  • You can keep an accurate record of keys

Most burglaries happen because owners don’t even know who else has a key to their doors. Perhaps someone found your key somewhere, duplicated it, and returned it without you noticing. When this happens, that someone would have a copy of your keys and you won’t even know.

With restricted key access, this kind of thing cannot happen. Why, because only specific persons can duplicate the key.


Typically, the owner will introduce this person to the locksmith where their signature will be recorded. Then, whenever they come to collect copies of the key, they have to sign and the locksmith will verify their signatures.

Also, a letter from the owner authorising any duplications is usually required. This way, no one can get a copy of your keys without your knowledge.

  • The locks are pick-proof

You always hear random locksmiths talking about their locks being pick-proof, until a smart picker comes along and finds a way to take the lock apart.


Install a restricted key access today and ask the smartest guy you know to pick it. They can spend days there – it just won’t happen!

The reason for this is that these key systems are designed with a shaper warding. This makes it practically impossible for the lock to be picked or for a blank key to be inserted into the cylinder and open it.

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