How Can You Secure Your Home From Burglars?


According to statistics released in 2017, one Australian household was broken into almost every three minutes. They are staggering numbers!

Furthermore, it can be fairly unnerving when you also hear that it takes the majority of intruders less than five minutes to gain entry to your home.

Now, more than ever, it is time to take serious action against the threat of burglary happening to you. You don’t want to end up as a statistic!

Consider The Level Of Safety Your Home Currently Has

According to research, there are two main reasons why burglars could target your home.

Firstly, they will pay attention to the activity in and around the property. And the less activity they see, the more lucrative the property becomes.

The second reason is based on what the house or property looks like. For example, does it look like a place where a lot of money and valuable items can be stolen?

In addition to taking the above information into account, you should also thoroughly inspect your property.

You need to check whether the locks on your doors are old or worn out and if they will actually be effective against even a novice burglar.

If this is the case, you are only making it easier for intruders.

More importantly, you need to take a proactive approach and test how easy it would be to enter your house without a key. You may be in for a rude awakening.

Security Screens And Doors

While added security screens and doors will definitely make it harder for burglars to break in, these extras might even deter them altogether. Why?

Getting through added security screens and doors that are installed by professionals increases the risk of getting caught.

And if a burglar does manage to get through, it will take much longer than five minutes. This may force them to look elsewhere for a property to burgle.

Install An Alarm System

secure your home from burglars

After inspecting your property and taking notes on any weak areas intruders may try and target, you might want to think about getting a proper alarm system installed.

Even though updating your locks and keys may help, you can take extra precautions with an effective alarm.

For example, an alarm system for home security can call your attention to someone acting suspiciously in front of your property.

It can also notify authorities when an intruder manages to enter your home.

In fact, burglars would rather target a property without any type of security system because it makes life so much easier for them.

Communicate With Neighbours

Lastly, don’t be a stranger to your neighbours. Protection against burglars is a community effort in order to safeguard the neighbourhood.

Why not get as many neighbours involved as possible? At the end of the day, you want the neighbours to take action when they notice something suspicious around your home.

In return, you should do the same for your neighbours. Of course, this does not mean you should try and catch the burglars yourself.

However, a quick call to authorities or the owner of the property can be the difference between keeping your home safe and losing valuable possessions.

Only Work With Professionals

If you really want to keep your home safe from burglars, you should only work with experts in the security business.

Since 1975, Barrenjoey has served the Sydney community by providing the best options for securing their property.

And thanks to our experience, knowledge, and skills, you can make your home a safer place right now.

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