What are the Best Locations to Install CCTV Security Cameras?


There is much spoken about the value of CCTV security cameras their purposes and all the hi-tech equipment that is available. However, what is sometimes obscured by all the James Bond type scenarios are the practical uses that security cameras serve; namely, the basics of deterrence and investigation. Furthermore, various security camera providers promote their products to unaware consumers on the basis that more cameras mean more safety for their homes and businesses.

The crux of security camera locations

What is on occasions overlooked, or ignored, is that generally, the system will be utilised for the reviewing of a crime or an attempted penetration of the secured area. However, there is a deterrent advantage in visible CCTV security cameras. People who perceive themselves as being observed will give some thought to their actions!

What could be regarded as the crux of a CCTV security cameras installation is their location. It’s all very well having cameras in abundance. But if they are wrongly situated, you are in effect mainly wasting your money and the equipment. Careful consideration with some qualified expertise is always valuable. This is true especially where it can involve the family in ensuring a safe and secure living environment.

Where to install your CCTV security cameras

Where the security of your family home is concerned, it is always worthwhile taking into account your natural instincts. This also involves looking at the situation from the perspective of a potential intruder. Therefore, a question that must be asked is related to locations which you and members of your family believe to be vulnerable and where observation by CCTV security cameras is required? This applies both inside and to the exterior grounds of the property.

Normal points of entry and exit are usually obvious. They offer the best opportunities for viewing and recording facial images for future awareness and identification purposes. If you are considering a DIY CCTV security cameras installation, then take care to set the cameras for capturing a view of about the width of an average door. Also, take into consideration if directing a camera towards an exterior door that upon the door being opened a sudden change in lighting can be the cause of a “blacked-out” visual image.

As a homeowner, you should have an awareness of the various security aspects related to it. These can include concealed or obscured potential points of entry, such as windows and doors, which could offer a particular appeal to would-be intruders. If you have experienced previous attempted or actual intrusions, irrespective of their form, pay particular attention to these points, as this type of lightning can strike twice! Keep in mind that a CCTV security cameras installation is like any other equipment related situation. Performance depends on quality, ability and usually, you get what you are prepared for.

Deterrents and active camera protection

A further aspect relates to whether all or some of your CCTV security cameras should be located in visible positions to serve as a deterrent. However, if they are visible, then realise they can be relatively easily broken. Whereas, if they are beyond reach or concealed, there is the opportunity of recording actual or even potential intruders. This is a factor that can apply to your backyard; which may be one of those areas filled with temptation for a thief, with the potential offered by expensive garden maintenance and recreational equipment, and kids’ toys.

Therefore, your backyard could be regarded as an essential area for motion-sensors, floodlights, as well as night vision CCTV security cameras. If your backyard is protected by fencing or walls, ensure a camera is located with a view of the entrance gate. In this situation, it is worthwhile placing a camera in plain view. Doing this gives an intruder thought about moving to safer pastures.

Basements and stairs can offer potential and convenient points of access. This is so because some basements have access hatches or doors, or a small window sufficiently sized to be used as a crawl through. In this type of situation, installing a camera located on the stairs leading from the basement is very ideal. It will record any intruder trying to gain access into your home by way of these routes. As an added protection for the basement, installing a motion sensor security camera with night vision could prove a valuable asset.


Breaking and entering


Home intrusions are frequently created by the breaking of a rear window. This entry is commonly chosen because it is not situated within direct view of a street. It, thereby, decreases the odds on a perpetrator being apprehended. To provide some security against this act, focus CCTV security cameras on any area of your home that has windows that are not visible from a street or other inhabited area. In instances such as this, it could be a wise decision to install a wireless camera with remote control capabilities. This type of CCTV camera is capable of being controlled from a tablet or other mobile devices.



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