What Kind of Services Does a Reputable Locksmith Provide?


Locksmiths are called on for a wide variety of different tasks from typical lockout situations to alarm installations.

Properly trained and licensed locksmiths can tackle various types of lock-related problems. For this reason, you might assume that all locksmiths are the same.

However, this is not necessarily the case. On the contrary, different locksmiths provide not only different services but also have different qualities.

While you might find a reputable locksmith company offering comprehensive services, some companies might only specialise in one type of locksmith service.

It is up to you to find a reputable locksmith that provides the services that suit your particular needs. So, what kind of services should you expect to get from a reputable locksmith company?

Here’s a look at essential locksmith services:

Residential Services

This is perhaps the most common type of locksmith service. Typically, residential/home locksmiths provide services for residential premises.

A residential locksmith will often cover the repair and installation of locks at home. This type of locksmith, therefore, is the one to call when you want to change the locks in your house.

Also, it’s important to note that some residential locksmiths might be able to tackle advanced lock systems whereas others may only deal with standard locks.

Services you should expect from locksmiths of this nature include:

  • Lock repairs
  • Lock upgrades
  • Key removal/extraction
  • Garage door lock repair and installation
  • Lock replacement
  • Key cutting and duplication services
  • Electronic locks
  • Door hardware repair and installation

Commercial Services

Commercial locksmiths provide services for business premises and industrial buildings. When you need a lock for your warehouse or a secure door for your office, that’s when you call a commercial locksmith service.

Commercial locks are different from residential locks as they are typically exposed to more traffic. Furthermore, business buildings tend to have more advanced locking systems.

As with residential locks, there is a variety of commercial locks each suited for different purposes. A commercial locksmith can help you with:

  • Stainless steel door locks
  • Glassdoor locks
  • Heavy-duty door locks
  • Warehouse door locks
  • Revolving door locks

Commercial locksmith services may also cover:

  • Commercial door hardware
  • Master key systems
  • Commercial lockouts
  • UPVC windows and doors
  • Keyless and key card systems
  • Electronic locks
  • Office desk locks

Security Systems

A locksmith that provides security system services can deal with the latest technology for security systems suited to residential and commercial buildings.

A locksmith can also help install a security surveillance system and ensure that everything is working correctly. Further to this, a locksmith can work with different security systems including:

Auto Services

Have you ever locked yourself outside your vehicle? Or has the remote control component of your car key broken off leaving the actual key stuck in the ignition?

These are some of the scenarios where an automotive locksmith can assist you. An auto locksmith caters to people who have issues with locks or ignitions in their vehicles.

They are trained to work with all makes and models of cars and can help you with your car locks without damaging your vehicle. Auto locksmith services include:

  • Key fob programming
  • Vehicle lockouts
  • Car door lock repairs and replacement
  • Car key duplication
  • Ignition replacement
  • Broken car key extraction
  • Unlock trunks

Emergency Services

Another type of service you can expect to get from a reputable locksmith is 24/7 emergency services. We all know that lockout emergencies can happen at the worst time possible, and they usually do!

Emergency locksmith services are an essential service as you never know when you might lock yourself out of your car, office or home.

In summary, a locksmith that offers comprehensive services can handle all the tasks related to locks as discussed above.

So, when searching for a reputable locksmith, it’s highly recommended to opt to work with a locksmith company that provides comprehensive services.

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