7 Reasons Why You Need Emergency Locksmith Services


Have you jammed your house key in the lock? Have you lost your car keys while shopping?

There is nothing more stressful than finding yourself in an emergency where you can’t enter your house or car because you have been locked out.

However, with a reliable and trustworthy emergency locksmith service, you can get around these frustrating situations.

Emergency Locksmiths

No one plans on losing a key or worse still, having it break inside the lock. The problem is, there is no telling when this will happen!

For example, this could happen late at night when you’re tired, grumpy and totally unprepared for this type of an emergency.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to spend the night outdoors as most locksmith companies usually provide 24/7 emergency services.

This means that they can come to your rescue almost as soon as you call them.

Following are some of the emergencies that you may come across with locks and keys:

1. Lost keys

One of the most common reasons to call a locksmith is because you have lost your keys.

It may be the car key or the house key, but this is an emergency that you can’t ignore.

A call to a reliable and trustworthy emergency locksmith can help you out of this situation.

They will be able to send an experienced locksmith to you, usually within the hour, to help you gain access to your house or car.

Furthermore, they will be able to make a duplicate set of keys to help you going forward.

2. Broken or lost safe keys

The keys to your safe will often be the keys to some of your most prized and valuable possessions.

If the keys to your safe are broken or lost, you need to find an emergency locksmith, particularly if you require urgent access to the valuables inside.

They will usually be able to respond quickly if you highlight the urgency and gives you access to your safe.

3. Car key broken inside the ignition

It is not uncommon for car keys to get jammed or even broken inside the ignition.

This can happen when the remote control security device breaks and becomes detached from the actual key.

This leaves you with the key in the ignition and the remote control in pieces in your hand. This can be dealt with by an experienced emergency locksmith.

Make sure you specify the problem so that you can get quick help from the locksmith company.

4. Lock replacement after burglary

Locks and keys may sometimes be vulnerable when it comes to highly experienced burglars.

If they are able to break into your premises, this means the locks are not secure enough. Therefore, these locks should be replaced as a matter of urgency.

An emergency locksmith can install new locks with better security to protect your house and the valuables inside.

5. Forgot combination of safe


You may need ID proof for this service, but this also comes under one of the emergency services that locksmith companies provide.

You may have forgotten the combination to your safe for a number of different reasons.

However, if there’s something valuable inside and you need it urgently, you will need the help of an emergency locksmith.

They will be able to open the safe for you provided you show proof of identity along with proof of address.

6. Residential lockouts

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation in which there is only one key to the house.

Maybe you haven’t had time to have a new one duplicated or one was more recently lost.

However, you arrive home early from work and remember that your partner has the only key and you are left locked outside the house.

This is a familiar scene in many homes, and that’s why you should always have the number of an emergency locksmith company on speed dial.

One quick phone call to an emergency locksmith in your local area and you will find yourself inside your house before you know it.

7. New locks in a new house

When you move to a new house or apartment, don’t forget to install new locks.

You should treat this as an emergency because you don’t actually know who has copies of the keys.

As a result, there could be former tenants that have access to the property and if they are criminally inclined, you could find yourself in a vulnerable situation.

24/7 locksmiths

Emergencies can happen when you least expect them and unfortunately, can’t be avoided in most cases.

When it is an emergency that involves losing your keys or changing your locks, you should call an emergency locksmith without hesitation.

They can be your saviour at a time when you need immediate help.

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