Can locksmiths pick locks? Can lockpicks become locksmiths? Some of the skillsets for both are very similar but let’s take a look at the main differences in the article below.If you’ve ever been locked out of a building or an older car then you’ve probably found yourself looking for someone who knows how to pick a lock, or wishing that you had the skill to do so yourself.

Lots of people like to claim that they can pick locks, but locksmiths are people who are highly trained, have been appropriately vetted, and are able to do much more than just pick locks.

Locksmiths are Regulated

In Australia, to operate as a residential locksmith, for example, you will need a security license. The exact regulations vary across the country, and some areas such as NSW are more strictly controlled than others.

A locksmith must either work for a Master Licensed operator or have their own Master License and also be individually licensed.

The requirements for the license are high. You must not have had any convictions in the last ten years, and you will need to submit to fingerprinting.

Once you are licensed, you are allowed to perform the duties of a locksmith, which include duplicating keys and yes, picking locks.

Advertising Lockpicking is Questionable

A lockpick, in the strictest sense, is just a tool that is used to pick locks. Some people advertise that they are lockpicks.

While it may be that some ‘lockpicks’ are qualified locksmiths who are simply using that keyword to advertise themselves, in the knowledge that many people may search for it when they’re locked out of their homes, some lockpicks are not legitimate.

Carrying lockpicking instruments on your person if you are not a qualified locksmith is a risky idea.

If you are caught with those tools and are not able to show that you have a legitimate reason for carrying them, then you run the risk of ending up with a criminal conviction.

Locksmiths Have Many Skills

Lockpicking is just one of many skills possessed by a locksmith. A locksmith does not just bypass locks (often doing so in ways that are less invasive and damaging than some lockpickers) but also installs new ones, and fixes and maintains locks too.

Mobile locksmiths can work on a range of lockable objects, not just home doors or cars, but also safes, mailboxes and lockboxes.

They know about the different kinds of locks that are on the market and have the ability to work with them safely and efficiently.

Can You Get a Career in Lockpicking?

Lockpicking, by itself, is not a profession. While picking locks has become a popular pastime in the geek community in recent years, it is still a niche activity.

If you have a passion for picking locks and want a career that involves it, then training as a locksmith is a good option.

Self-taught lockpickers may be able to open padlocks and basic Yale locks, but they will not have the understanding required to work with very complex locks and may end up damaging them in the process of opening them.

While that may be OK if you are breaking open a property and will then have ample time to get the lock replaced, it’s not a good option if the place you are trying to get into will be left unattended later in the day.

Professionally qualified locksmiths can perform less destructive lockpicking operations, and if a lock does end up damaged they are in a better position to replace them.

The requirements for becoming a locksmith are higher, but it is worth going through the qualification process for the training and for the legal protection that is offered to locksmiths.

This also means that you can understand their code of practice, and not unwittingly end up assisting in crime with your lockpicking skills.

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