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4 Important Reasons to Consider Restricted Keys For Your Home Or Business

Some people learn the hard way that those Do Not Duplicate keys don’t really hold up their end of the bargain. While some clerks at duplicate key stations will prevent people from making the spare key, others will let you cut the key and sometimes offer to make you more than one. While there was a time they increased security that is no longer the case. In this article, we will look at the reasons why restricted keys are essential. Read more about our Restricted key system Sydney ,

Restricted key system Reason # 1 Your Insurance Will Require It

If you plan on your insurance company paying out a claim, then you need to make sure you’ve taken the first step to security. If your keys are easily accessible and your business doesn’t have an alternative security method, you can expect to be denied. It is better to look at restricted keys to ensure that you are protected down the road.

Restricted key system Reason # 2 Saves Money over Rekeying

If you’ve run a business that changes the locks every time you fire an employee or a key is lost, then you know how expensive the process can be. While most companies won’t need to worry about having this done a regular basis, over time they can grow in cost. A more financially sound option will be to get a more restricted blank. This will help to avoid some of the problems that can occur while avoiding an uncomfortable situation as well. This is especially vital in cases where businesses lose their master key and someone finds it and has full access to a building.

Restricted key system Reason # 3 Security and Safety Increases

You want to keep everyone in your home safe and when you choose to use a restricted key method, you decrease the chances of someone picking a lock and entering your home. Some home owners are even turning to specific lock makers that have features in them that will prevent your local locksmith from creating a new key. Locksmiths will only legally be able to release keys to those with authorized security. Some companies that design these keys include Schlage and Assa Abloy. Read more about our Restricted key system Sydney ,

Restricted key system Reason # 4 Easily Restrict Access

This method allows you to only allow certain people to enter your property. This can be extremely powerful if you use an electronic key system for example. When this method is used, you can immediately remove access to your company with a simple removal of permissions. When this is done, people will be forced to keep better track of their keys and there will be no problems that arise when an employee is terminated, thus creating a safer environment.

As you can see each of these Restricted key system reasons further show why it is vital that you get a restricted set of keys that can help secure your home and business. It is the single best method to show you care enough about the location and the safety of all those associated with it. Read more about our Restricted key system Sydney ,


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